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Makayla Smith

2020 KRSF Recipient

Forensic Science Major

I am the daughter of Leslie Smith, III & Kayleen Smith. I have been a member of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church since 2006. I am graduating from Lansing Everett High School and plan to graduate from a four-year university with a degree in forensic science. I have selected this career path because of my interest in the lab analysis side of a criminal investigation. I hope to one day work for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

I first wanted to join mime in 2007 after seeing my older brother, Brandon, and others perform, but I was too young. A year later I became one of the pioneer members of Kids of Royalty Dance Ministry for the 5-8 year age group.  I went on to join Mime N Motion a few years later. The ministry was founded by Kiani Rodgers, who led the first group of people in the ministry with a goal to spiritually capture the word and effectively minister through motion. Mime-N-Motion first became appealing to me because it was like acting and dancing mixed together. The facial expressions that the dancers used were dramatic and it seemed like they were having fun while doing it and it was a family environment. Mime stood out to me because it wasn’t like any of the other children ministries, like choir and greeters, or even the dancing I had learned at that point at Patsy Watson. Mime showed a mix between creativity and expression. Each and every song that we minister to, delivers a powerful message to the audience. It could be anything from forgiveness to the message of love. Ministering is not only enjoyable for the person dancing, but it is also heart-warming for the people that may be watching.

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